Etienne Gontard



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from german family of french-huguenot origin. His oil painting and design master was Ignacio Colombres, whose atelier he attended from 1958 until 1962, drawing simultaneously live models at the Society for Development of Fine Arts. Afterwords he studied acrylic technique and composition with Kenneth Kemble, engraving with Eduardo Levy and textures with Alfredo Portillos. In 1983 he joins the Interchange Group coordinated succesively by Elena Oliveras and Raul Vera Ocampo.

Self portrait 1986

The painter nowadays

Etienne pintando

Since 1976, in which year he presents his first solo show at the reknown- at the time- Lirolay Gallery of Modern Art, he exhibited in many other galleries, Museums and Cultural Centers in Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador. With the Interchange Group he has shown in 1985 drawings, pictures and participated of a group installation at San Martin Cultural Center, in 1990 collages and paintings on "Meninas after Velazquez" at Recoleta Cultural Center, finally in 1998 paintings and drawings on "The four elements" as well as retrospective of the group - prior dissolution- at Banco Mercantil Foundation. In 1995, 1996 and 1997 he participates at ArteBa Art Fair and as from 2000 of various group exhibitions. In 2008 he shows paintings for the benefit of Foundation Sagrada Familia San Isidro. In 2009 similarly of "France et Magnifique" at Sofitel Arroyo and "Painting Borges" at The Catholic University of Buenos Aires. In 2010 again a solo exhibition at Holz Art Gallery and in 2013 at Mercedes Benz Buenos Aires for the benefit of Hábitat Argentina. Works of his are in private collections of Argentina, Canada, Chile Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, United States France and Germany. The following Art Critics and Writers have written on his works: Aldo Galli, Albino Dieguez Videla, Rosa Faccaro, Jorge Feinsilber, Laura Malosetti, Carlos Espartaco, Cesar Magrini, Raul Santana, Angelica Deymonnaz, Raul Vera Ocampo, Sarah Guerra and Jorge Gracia.

Selected Exhibitions

1976 Lirolay Modern Art Gallery,
1978 MS Rue des Artisans,
1980 Marquez Art Gallery and Avellaneda Cultural Center,
1981 Pozzi Art Gallery
1983 Christel K. Gallery,
1985 San Martín Cultural Center
1987 Museum of Latinamerican Art of Maldonado (Punta del Este, Uruguay)
1988 Buenos Aires Cultural Center and Uruguayan Embassy in Argentina,
1989 Contemporary Art Gallery Quito (Ecuador),
1990 Recoleta Cultural Center,
1992 Argentine-German Cultural Institution,
1996 Deutscher Club in Buenos Aires,
1997 Alliance Francaise,
1998 Banco Mercantil Foundation
1999-2009 various groups shows,
2010 Solo exhibition Holz Art Gallery
2013 Mercedes Benz Buenos Aires.


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